Staff Directory

Rev Alan Wardlow Minister 01 2804345
Rev Alan Wardlow has just taken over as the new minister for Bray. He is also the minister of Dun Laoghaire Methodist Church
Graham Hohn Praise Group Leader 086 250 2307
 The Praise Group: We have people in our Praise Group, it is made up of people from different age groups and nationalities. We practice each Monday evening in our church from 8pm to 10pm....

Council Members

John Kingston
John Kingston Circuit Treasurer
John is the Circuit Treasurer for the Dun Laoghaire Circuit which includes Dun Laoghaire, Blackrock and Bray churches. He is a mamber of the Bray Society and of the Fund Raising Task Group.
Church Treasurer
Nevile Hohn Church Treasurer 087 666 0364
Neville is responsible for all the finanes of the Bray Church. He is also involved in the Finance & Prooerty Task Group and the Fund Raisiing Task Group which have fun events that raise money for...
Circuit Steward & Church Property Steward
Heather Gandola Church Property Steward
As Property Steward Heather is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the church and its associated properties. As well as this position Heather is also the Circuit Steward for the...
Church Society Steward
Robert Farrar Church Society Steward 087 2430991
Robert is the Society Steward for the Bray church and is responsible for seeing things run smoothly, greeting and meeting with people and generally supporting the minister.
Heather Brown Church Secretary, Tenant's Steward & Web Master 086 6043944
Heather is Church & Circuit Secretary looking after the secretarial needs of the church. She is also the Tenants Steward and responsible for lettings of the church property and liaising with...

Children's Ministry

Ruth Doran Sunday School Superintendent
Ruth is responsible for co-ordination and running the Sunday School. She leads a team of dedicated people who teach the children through bible stories, craft, drama and music. Ruth loves her job and...

Other Officers

Shirley Wright Church Organist 086 8404997
Shirley grew up in the church and has played the organ faithfully for some years. she is a talented player who loves music and also sings with the Bray Choral Society. She works alongside the Praise...

MWI Officers

Sue Maxwell Dublin District President
Heather Gandola
Heather Gandola MWI Treasurer for the Dublin District & President of MWI Bray
Heather is the treasurer of the MWI Dublin District as well as being the President of the Bray branch. She lives in Bray and has four grown up children.